Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and defense companies must continually evaluate the way they operate to meet today's challenges, including globalization, financial constraints and unusually complex landscape. Read more


Pervasive challenges in the health care industry have prompted profound transformation in how health care is accessed, delivered and financed. These changes are opening opportunities for... Read more

High Technology

An industry that is defined by fast growth and innovation, high technology companies are looking to address the opportunities and business model challenges that will define their short- and long-term futures. Read more

Homeland Security

Homeland Security presents a complex, and ever-changing set of challenges to leaders at all levels of government. Terrorist attacks and natural disasters have the potential to touch the lives of all citizens of the world. Read more

Renewable Energy

Solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, waste-to-energy, and hydropower technologies are providing more of the world’s energy as costs fall and countries seek to limit carbon footprints and secure energy supplies. Read more