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The healthcare industry must take action to address the changing environment

Pervasive challenges in the health care industry have prompted profound transformation in how health care is accessed, delivered and financed. These changes are opening opportunities for hospitals, health insurers and other health care-focused organizations to rethink strategies — and find innovations in lowering costs while delivering exceptional value.

Companies across the healthcare industry recognize they need to deliver greater value—higher quality of care at a lower cost. To some extent, this pressure comes from changing government policies. But employers, consumers and providers are making similar demands.

We work with our clients to help them better understand consumer behaviors, beliefs, needs and responses to healthcare products, and services, and how to develop strategies to capture value through consumer-centered healthcare.

Value-Driven Operations

Today’s move toward value-based care represents another step in the evolution from isolated to integrated delivery. Providers and payers are encouraged to work together at unprecedented levels of collaboration. The new horizon of care focuses on communicating fully with patients, anticipating their needs and treating them before costly complications occur.

Government and market forces are propelling the health care industry in a new direction — one that moves away from paying for volume and toward paying for value. In these deep currents of change, health care providers and payers must pilot a variety of financial decisions, new business processes and strategic opportunities.